environmental laboratory of waste concern

Waste Concern provides laboratory test facilities for both public and private sectors upon payment. This laboratory is endorsed by the Government of Bangladesh. To view a list of the equipment available within the laboratory, please click here. To view a list of the test facilities available at Waste Concern Laboratory, please click here.

Some Lab Equipments

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Elemental analysis

BOD Incubator
Low Temperature Incubator Test of Biological Oxygen Demand

Gas Meter
Landfill Gas measurement

COD Meter
To test waste water quality                                

Hot Plate
for heating

Mechanical top loading balance
to take weight                                                                                

Concentration and absorbency measurement Report
measurement of total Nitrogen

Flame Photometer
Determine the presence of Na,K,Ca, Li in RPM

Micro kjeldalh Digestion and distillation
total nitrogen determination
digestion and distillation

PH meter
pH measurement

Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Measurement
Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) Measurement

Electric Oven 28L Binder
Moisture content determination

Distillation System with Programming
determine the amount of total nitrogen
Mini Sound Lebel Meter
Sound lebel measurement
Lux meter
Light lebel measurement
Analytical Balance
 To weight sample